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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.


How does our church get started?

Let’s talk! Email: with your interest and we will contact you to schedule a consultation. We will provide an introductory video and customizable brochures to assist you.

How does our church sponsor a pastor/leader?

After our consultation and receipt of a minimum deposit of $500.00 per registration we will set up an account on our website for direct giving.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, Pastoral Pilgrimages is a 501C3

Can I get a refund?

As your contribution is tax deductible, we do not provide refunds.   You can hold an account open for up to two years or you can transfer to the general scholarship account.  

What if we do not meet the contribution needed for the trip we selected?

You can change the date to the next scheduled trip if space allows and/or apply for assistance through our scholarship account.

How can I make a contribution?

PayPal or mail a check made out to:  Pastoral Pilgrimages and mailed to 11805 N. 137th Way, Scottsdale, AZ  85259.   Receipts are emailed so please include an email address and the account name you want your donation credited to.    (specific person and church name or general scholarship account)

What if I want to donate to your organization?

Great, your donation will be placed in a general scholarship account.

Do all monies go towards the travel?

Almost, as with any organization there are expenses. No monies are paid to Board members or staff.

Are your Board Members paid?

No.   All board members financially support this organization and volunteer their time.