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What is Pastoral Pilgrimages?

Pastoral Pilgrimages is an organization that provides continuing education to religious leaders by facilitating guided all-inclusive travel to Israel.  Israel is considered the Holy Land by Christians and Jews (and important to Muslims).   This organization brings the Scriptures to life as religious leaders will experience the geography, climate, food and peoples central to their chosen roles as pastors and leaders.

Third party vendors are used to facilitate the tours.   A leader from Pastoral Pilgrimages will oversee and lead the trips along with the travel vendor.

The tours will take place in Israel and the marketing to organizations will take place throughout the United States.  

The tours are typically 10-14 days in duration and account for 75% of the organization’s activity.   The remainder of the time will be concentrated on fundraising and administrative duties. 

All the organization’s activities are focused on discharging and accomplishing the overall goal of providing continuing education to religious leaders.